The Ad store is a privately owned, leading international marketing communications agency. Founded in 1993 in NY, it operates17 agencies in 15 countries on 3 continents. The company’s new start-up in Greece ensued from the merge of the well-known Greek agencies Ocean and 3D Media.

  We deliver integrated services, from strategy and brand building to campaign and platform execution, including result measurement. As a full service agency we bring cutting edge thinking and impeccable execution, leveraging all communication and interaction channels for more effectiveness. But whether we build a communication platform, a TV campaign, a website or a lead generation program, we always do it using creativity, innovation and result measurement in order to deliver optimum return of investment (ROI).

We are an international communication network

“At the Ad Store we advance the art and science of communications, via all the ways that media, content, and technology meet.”
Harris Laoudis, The Ad Store CEO in Greece

What we believe

The digital revolution has massively changed how consumers see, need and own brands. Furthermore it has radically impacted the way brands should “think” and “act” in order to win the consumers’ hearts, minds and wallets. We believe that this change is far more important than the use of “just another channel”. Advertisers need a new generation of “digital native” marketing communications agencies to help them distinguish themselves in this fast changing and radically new environment. The Ad Store provides just that.

Most of all in the Ad Store we believe in producing excellent work. We place our clients at the heart of everything we do and focus on doing what's right for them in order to accomplish their goals and more.

“The Ad Store is a strategically focused creative system that makes old advertising agencies look, well old advertising agencies. We do things differently here. Faster, Efficiently, Better!”
Paul Cappelli, The Ad Store founder

Our expertise

At The Ad store we now have the capability to 'do the right thing' across all aspects of the modern customer journey. Our fully integrated approach encompasses everything needed to build a powerful brand and a powerful customer relationship. Our Spectrum of Services

  • 360 Campaigns
  • Creative Execution in Multi Platforms
  • Media Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Data & Insights
  • BTL Digital Systems

Our vision is to be the most future–obsessed agency network,
to be always current, to be always on  

We are defined by our corporate philosophy of creative innovation,
which translates to:

Ideas that reach beyond the imaginable.
Technology that crosses the bounds of what's possible.
Entrepreneurship that surpasses the expected.

The Ad Store network

Around the Corner, Around the World

We are not a holding company in the traditional sense.
We are an international network of agencies.
Each agency within the network plays a unique role.
These agencies are teams of people.
People joined together to offer creative solutions.

Our clients

We focus on open minded clients who comprehend the need to change their marketing communications strategy and tactics in order to prevail in the Digital age.